Single Drawn Hair Bundles – Remy Indian Hair

Procurement: Ethically sourced from a Single Hair Donor. Hence the name Single Drawn Human Hair.
Textures: Straight, Curly, and Wavy Hair.
Features: No Tangling & Low Maintenance.

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Single drawn hair is one of the most popular choices amongst hair extension wearers. These hair are of standard thickness and it contains around 50% full-length hair and 50% varied length hair. That means single drawn hair comprises of a combination of multiple lengths which are likely to be thick at the tip of the hair bundle and then it tapers off slightly towards the end.

HairShopee deals in the best graded single drawn hair. Single drawn hair extensions are a popular choice due to their natural finish and texture. We provide natural remy human hair and as hair naturally grows at a different rate, it is understandable that the naturally grown long hair is thinner at the tips and tapers off towards the bottom. Such human hair extensions are preferable to women who need variable volume in their hair. As far as thickness is concerned, single drawn hair can be trimmed by the ends. Moreover, to give the same overall appearance as double drawn hair, single drawn can easily be thickened.

Our single drawn human hair extensions are procured from one single donor, hence the name single drawn. After procurement, we naturally process the hair making the final product.

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