Introducing: HairShopee Premium Hair Extensions

We are excited to launch Hairshopee’s Premium Hair Extensions for beautiful women around the world. We believe that every women deserve to have beautiful hairs that is why we introduces Hairshopee. We wanted to make it easy for you to carry your hair extensions anywhere you want. There are many essential features of our hair extensions which make them best in the market.

As hair industry has been around thousands of year, hair extensions and hair wigs are used since the ancient Egypt. Now, there are many types of extensions available in the market. There are many vendors who are selling fake hairs in the name of natural hair. But at Hairshopee you will get 100% pure remy hair extensions.

We provide high quality premium Indian hair extensions which are 100% natural and collected directly from donor. We are hair manufacturer company from India and deliver best quality hair extensions in the market at reasonable price.

Reasons to choose HairShopee Hair extensions

  • 100% Remy Hair

Our hair extensions are made up of 100% pure remy hairs. Remy Hair are the best quality hair available in the market. Our premium hair extensions are made up of remy hair and that is why they last for long time and give your hair high length and volume.

  • Damage Free

Hairshopee’s hair extensions and hair wigs are damage free. There will be no side-effect of our extensions. Neither they will damage your natural hairs. Installation of our extensions is very easy and it does not require any glue, or tape which may damage your hair.

  • Volume

To people who suffer from hair loss, our extensions will be very useful for you. With our hair extensions you will get all your hair back without any damage. We have wide range of hair extensions and hair wigs to increase the length of your hair.

Source of Our Hair Extensions:

As we are from India, and you now that Indian hair are most gorgeous in the world. We collect our hair from Indian Temples where women tonsure their hair to god. The hairs from there are collected and processed into hair extensions and hair wigs. As they are natural hair, the cuticles flow in the same direction and high quality texture.

The hair collected from temple is 100% pure and remy hair. And they are not chemically processed. They have high length and volume. They are thick and have more life than other type of hairs.

Our Products:

  • Virgin Hair

Our premium hair extensions made up of virgin hair and Virgin hair are not processed chemically. And they are collected from a single donor. They are not altered by dye, perms or bleaches.

  • Remy Hair

As I told you already we deliver 100% pure remy hair. Remy hair is collected from different sources, In this cuticles run in the same direction. Remy hair is more smoother, shinier and healthier as compared to other type of hair extensions.

So with the help of our human hair extensions you can get lengthier and healthier hair styles. Our hair extensions are useful for both who want short hair and those who want long hair. Our extensions are available in various size ranging from small to large. The most important thing about our hair extensions is that they are not chemically processed and they are directly collected from Indian temples.

If you have any question regarding our extensions directly contact us. We are always here to help you.