Indian Hair Extensions

Hair Loss in Women

Hair perhaps is the most prized possession of a woman. Hairs embellish a woman, augment her personality, and give her an exclusive feeling of fashion. But can you imagine a life if you start losing one of the most cardinal things in your life?

The answer is NOOOO.

According to a disturbing fact,  Forty percent of women suffer from hair loss by the time they turn 40.

So, what is the solution?

A magical fix called “ Hair Extensions”…

Need for Hair Extensions

You can either sit at home and get miffed by seeing your short hair or do something that refurbishes your timeless beauty. Getting a hair transplant is damn costly which certainly is going to trim your pocket in half. Hair extensions/wigs on the other hand are the affordable alternatives for hair transplant with superior results and the premier natural looks. So, a celebrity look is just a hair extension away…

Fact: More than half of women use hair extensions.

Indian Hair Extensions

The exquisite quality of Indian Human Hair nurtures its demand in the international market. Due to attractive impression and gleaming texture, Indian hair is treasured by women all across the world.  Non-bleached human hair is steering the demand for extensions and wigs and hence, women are craving to style with human hair.

Hair Shopee

What better use of donated hair than to beautify the most beautiful creation of God, that is ‘Woman’.

With the abiding aim of providing authentic Indian hair extensions and giving the best look to every woman, Hair Shopee brings the finest quality premium virgin hair extensions and wigs, which take the beauty of women to another level.

From wefts, frontals and wigs to I-clip, U-clip extensions, Hair Shopee has a range of products that can gratify the beauty needs of every woman, and that too at the best possible prices.

Following natural processing methods, we fabricate the extensions that have the picture-perfect natural look, and the best thing is: You won’t miss your hair…