How do I maintain my hair extensions?
Our hair extension products are of high quality and require least maintenance. In order to properly maintain your new hair extensions, follow the below steps twice a week:
  • Untangle all the knots by brushing the hair from the bottom up.
  • Use warm water to wet the hair.
  • Wash the hair extensions with shampoo.
  • Rinse the shampoo with warm water.
  • Apply some conditioner to untangle the cuticles and to remove the split ends, if any.
  • Finally, rinse the conditioner using lukewarm water.
  • Gently pat the hair to dry them.
What is Remy Hair? How it is different from others?
Remy hair is Natural Human Hair in which cuticles remain intact and run in one direction (root to tail). Remy hair are of two types namely, Virgin Remy and Remy. The term Virgin is added when the hair has not been treated chemically for modifying the style, color, or cuticles other than shampooing and conditioning both before and after the donation. The hair is called simply Remy when the hair has cuticles intact and running in one direction but the hair has been styled or dyed either before or after the donation.
What types/grades of hair do you deal in?
We mainly deal in 3 grades of hair as detailed below:
  • Cuticle Free Hair (Multiple Donor): This type of hair is 100% Natural Human Hair. The hair during processing has its cuticles (the outermost layer) removed making it tangle free. In the market, this type of hair is also known as Cuticle Free/Tangle Free hair. We coat the hair with finishing agents to give it a silky smooth feel. This type of hair is the maximum selling hair extension product in the retail market.
  • Temple Hair (Single Donor): Temple hair (Remy Single Drawn hair) is 100% Natural Human Hair which has the cuticles intact and running in one direction (root to tail). This hair can be easily dyed and styled. The hair primarily is sourced from the temples of India where it is donated by Indian women as a practice of Tonsure. This type of hair is generally single drawn (tapered towards the bottom end).
  • Virgin Hair (Single Donor): Virgin Hair is the purest and most natural type of hair. It is primarily sorted out from the Temple Hair. All the salon dyed and salon processed hair is removed from this lot. The naturally short hair is also removed which adds a more fuller look and feel from top to bottom.
Do you accept Paypal?
Yes, we do accept PayPal. The other modes of payment that we accept are Moneygram, LC, Western Union, and Bank Transfer.
What is the shipping duration?
Shipping time totally depends on the order. We generally ship within 2 to 3 working days of a confirmed order.
How long does the styles last?
We only do superheated steam styling on the hair. It helps in maintaining the durability of the hair after styling. The superheated steam makes the hair permed to be able to withstand up to 10 washes.
Can I color/dye my hair extensions?
Yes, you can color/dye your hair extension product.
Can I bleach my hair extensions?
Yes, you can.
What is tangle free hair?
Tangle free hair is hair from which the cuticles are shaved off. The major reason that the hair tangles is due to the cuticles. Once the cuticles are removed the tangling is substantially reduced.
What is virgin hair?
Remy hair are of two types namely, Virgin Remy and Remy. Virgin hair are those type of hair which have not undergone any chemical process for modifying the style, color, or cuticles other than shampooing and conditioning both before and after the donation.
Is the hair single donor?
The bundle of hair is called single donor hair when it has been collected from single donor with no addition of any other person’s hair.
Where is the hair collected from?
Indians have been practicing the tradition of donation and collection of hair for many centuries. This practice is called Tonsure and both women and men willingly donate their hair. The hair donation and collection happen at different places namely temples, beauty parlors, etc.
Is the hair collection done ethically?
The hair is collected 100% ethically. All the hair is sourced from donors who willingly donate their hair.
Which companies or service providers are used for shipping? Which countries do you cover for shipping?
We ship through DHL, FedEx, Aramex, and UPS. We ship to all locations these companies provide service. Almost worldwide. We do free shipping for orders of 10 kg and above.
What are the products that you manufacture and sell?
The list of products that we manufacture are as follows:
  • Hair Weave (Machine Wefted Hair)
  • Bulk Hair (for braiding)
  • Machine Made Wigs
  • Full Lace Wig (Hand Made)
  • 4 x 4 Closures
  • 13 x 4 Frontals
  • 360 Closures
  • Tape Extensions
  • Clip On Extensions
What is machine wefted hair weave? Does the hair shed or break?
The machine wefting process involves all together 12 layers of stitches. The wefted hair track has an average of 21 stitches per inch. The weft is reinforced using a strong natural rubber adhesive. The shedding is minimal to none. If the hair is taken care of (regular shampooing and conditioning) even that can be minimized.
Can the hair be shampooed and conditioned? If yes, which type of shampoo and conditioner can I use?
Yes, you can shampoo and condition your hair extensions. The best kind of shampoo and conditioners are the ones generally available in the market for "Dry and Damaged hair."
How long would the hair last?
The hair can last upto an year with proper care and usage. Also, read the after care instructions carefully.
What sort of glue is used at the weft seam?
We use a strong clear natural rubber adhesive at the weft seam. It reinforces the tracks to minimize the shedding.
Why Indian hair?
Indian hair is the best hair in the world when it comes to making hair extensions. Indian hair has the right consistency of thickness to match almost all the natural hair types in the world.
Can the hair be styled?
The hair can be styled if the hair has not been permed by us. The popular styles that can be tonged are Natural Wave, Straight, Body wave etc.
Can I straighten the hair?
Yes, you can straighten the hair which has not been permed by us.
Do you return and exchange the sale items?
We do not exchange / refund the sale items.
Where are you located?
HairShopee Address: #245, Tower B2, Spaze i-Tech Park, Sector-49, Gurugram, Haryana, India Email: Contact Number: +91-90006 50008
How to order in bulk quantities?
For order in bulk quantities, you can directly get in touch with the sales team through mail at or drop a call at +91-90006 50008. Bulk orders of 10 kg or above would be with free shipping worldwide.
Do you do World Wide Free Shipping?
We do world wide free shipping for orders of 10 kg and above.
What is your Delivery Duration?
Generally, the duration of the delivery depends on the destination. Based on our experience in shipping, we chart out the delivery duration for different locations:
  • INDIA : 2 to 3 days
  • USA & CANADA: 2 to 3 working days
  • EUROPE: 2 to 3 working days
  • ASIAN Countries other than India: 3 to 4 working days
  • AFRICAN Nations: 4 to 5 Working Days