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There are multiple ways in which a woman can style her hair. Hair provides a dynamic nature to a woman’s personality. Styling hair also requires careful attention. Hair is distributed differently on the scalp. Every portion of the scalp contains different types of hair which not only have unique texture but also have a different purpose. Closures are one of the two distinct categories in which hair are positioned on the scalp.

A closure is very different from a frontal and serves a completely different purpose in styling a woman’s hair. Closures are used more for your crown area and that is why they are smaller hairpieces. Our closures will give you the crown confidence which matches both your personality and attire. Coming to the quality of our products, we always provide hair products of unparalleled quality. Benefits and details of our closures are listed below:

  • The base of lace is breathable and durable.
  • Parting is natural in every direction.
  • Knots are handmade and bleached in front.
  • Hair is of medium density.
  • Our hairpieces are naturally realistic with flexible styling.
  • Our closures are lightweight and natural baby hairs along with hairline.

Closures provide the best possible solution when it comes to styling your natural hair. But wigs are mostly designed to cover all of your hair. Closure from HairShopee can be easily applied using clips or by sewing down the back of the hairpiece. You can also use a bonding agent to glue it your own hairline, thus achieving a natural looking and beautiful hairline.


HairShopee Quality Guarantee:

Our 100% Human Hair is of the highest grade and is hand selected hair. Our team of hair extensions specialists guarantees you that you will be getting excellent and unprecedented quality.

Please Note:

  • Actual colors of hair may differ from the visual images used on this website due to monitors and screens being of different contrast and brightness.
  • The packet sold here is 35 grams.

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